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Advanced Robotic Surgery

What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is a most evolved and advanced form of minimally invasive surgery or more popularly called as laparoscopic surgery. Instead of giving larger cut on the body we use small holes as done in laparoscopic surgery and miniature surgical instruments are passed which are mounted on robotic arms. The movement of these surgical instruments and controlled by the operating surgeon. The technology focuses on allowing the surgeon to perform maximum range of movement with extreme precision under a magnified high-definition 3-D camera.

What are the procedure that can be performed?

All the surgical procedures that can be performed by open methods or by laparoscopy, can also be performed with the use of Robotic method. Robotic surgery is just an advanced way of doing the same procedure but with more precision.

What are the gastrointestinal surgeries that can be performed?

  • Robotic surgery for esophageal and stomach cancer
  • Robotic Heller’s myotomy and Fundoplication
  • Robotic surgeries for liver and pancreatic cancer
  • Robotic colorectal cancer surgeries

What are the advantages of robotic surgery?

  • Less trauma on the body and minimal scar
  • Faster recovery time after surgery
  • Better visualization of body structure
  • Operative precision and increased surgical safety to patient
  • Complex surgeries can be performed in small areas in the body where conventional laparoscopic instruments can not reach
  • Less surgical fatigue which translate to better surgical outcome in the patient