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    21 Jul

    Total Replacement of “Food Pipe” injured following Acid Ingestion

    Life took terrible turn when a 27 years medical student ingested toilet cleaner with the intention to end it. Thou’ she could not succeed and by the time she realized, it left her with a strictured food pipe “Esophagus” and a scarred soul. Not able to eat came as a disastrous consequence despite multiple attempts at endoscopic dilatation of the food pipe stricture. With limited hope and debilitating health, she was referred for the possibilities to restore what she has lost so that at least she could resume eating.

    It is not uncommon among young individuals to attempt on his or her own life when miseries take a toll on mind and soul. Ingestion of toilet cleaner which is a household commodity is one such common practice. It contains acid or alkali, ingesting which causes serious burn to the food pipe. Often patient survives the initial trauma to present later with stricture of the esophagus and total inability to eat to an extent they cannot event swallow his or her own saliva, crippling them mentally and nutritionally.

    The treatment initially is to dilate the stricture with endoscope to restore eating which might be successful in some. Failing endoscopic dilatation or stricture which has ruptured during dilation need surgical replacement. Surgical replacement has evolved from using artificial pipes to bodies own organs suitable to restore the food pipe. The surgical principle is to identify the healthy upper part of esophagus which is in the neck, leave behind or remove the scarred esophagus, prepare the conduit (stomach tube, colon, jejunum) for replacement, transport it from abdomen to the neck under the chest bone (sternum) and join it to healthy esophagus in neck (Fig- 2/2p/3). The entire procedure involves three major compartments of human body, lasts from 4 to 8 hours, more than a week to recover from surgery and with known procedure related morbidity and mortality if not performed in a specialized centre. Patient are allowed to sip liquids from firs day to resume to normal diet may take a week but eventually they “EAT”


    Replacing the organ which nature has provided us is almost impossible but replacing part of its function is often under human reach with dedicated and scientific surgical approach”

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